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Shearing Day

Yesterday was a very busy day for all. Shearing Day had arrived. There was fleece flying in the wind from the wind blowing through the barn, animals being haltered and brought to the mat for shearing, and friends and family working closely together to make the work seem seamless.
Now today, it's cold and my alpacas are shivering. I know they are wishing for warmer weather until their coats have a chance to grow back. I'm shivering watching them! Come on warm weather!
In addition to my herd, a lady from Felton called me to see if she could bring her four animals; of course I told her yes. She had one lady that she thought might be pregnant. Our shearer, Jay Mariacher, said he could tell if she was or wasn't pregnant...he held two metal sticks straight out in front of him and as he neared the female, they started to cross over. It was so cool to watch. The theory is, if the sticks cross over each other, the female is pregnant, if they remain straight, the female is not pregnant. So it looks like Sherry's female is going to have a baby cria! Sherry is so excited!
Speaking of upcoming crias, I have one lady, Lucious Lucinda (Lucy), who is due to deliver around July 2nd. One of my herd sires, Maxwell House, decided he wanted her and managed to get over the fence to her. Of course since it was unplanned, he managed to get her pregnant. The running joke is that Maxwell House has peculated! I can't wait to see the new little guy or girl. Now I've got to start thinking of names real soon or wait to name him/her after its born. Any suggestions on names?
Have a great day!